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Large or small, these are the oxidizing products to do the job.

The Gas Out form of Chlorine Dioxide

CHLR99 - 20 gram tablet for Gas Out (not stabilized, will not store long once mixed)  

20 gram tablets for Gas Out treatments are perfect for cars or rooms.  Makes two gallons of recommended mixture for treatments.  

These 20 gram tablets are primarily for "Gas Out" applications where the water releases the gas over time.  Wear protective face mask when in the treatment area.

Place in water, gas will escape treating area in about 8-12 hours.  Done when water is clear.


TurbulatorCHLR99 Turbulator using a pump system to push CLo2 in about an hour in "Gas Out" applications.  Very portable, we offer the 110 volt or 12 volt system.  Why wait hours to gas out a treatment when you can do it in an hour.

Comes as one portable unit that opens for CLo2 application.  Once done, close up the unit and use many times over with little to no maintenance.  $69.95.

... $69.95 plus S/H

When working with chlorine dioxide the primary precaution is breathing the gas (a known respiratory irritant) during the application.  

We have a disposable mask that will filter the gas.  There are rubber masks for those persistently in areas where CLo2 is produced.

 Order in set of two for $30/set.

... $30 for set of two (2) masks.


Large Scale or Professional Remediation

Water-based Oxidizers for fogging/spraying   

Our CHLR99 30 gram powder is is best used by professionals who use chlorine dioxide for routine treatment, odor and sanitizing, killing mold, or general remdiation services.

This 30 gram powder mixes with three gallons of water prior to application.  Instead of waiting for Gas Out, this product is "stabilized" to stay in the water for maximum impact, and solution stores for a year or more.  

The advatage is the speed of application and accurate treatment of problems.  Effective for large scale applications with a high-level of successful remediation.

Normal treatment will dry in about ten minutes.  For hotspots, saturate and wet vac after ten munites for deep odor problems.


Activated Hydrogen PeroxideAHP (Activated Hydrogen Peroxide) is sold by the in two gallon or four gallon cases as Part A and Part B to mix in 50/50 to fully activate the product.  Apply with spray bottle for small areas, misting or fogger for larger areas.  

Treat problem areas (or rooms) with a wetting spray that dries in ten minutes.  The result is full decontamination that include odor removal, sanitizing, mold and mildew kill, and neutralizing all chemical residue in treated areas.

Easy to apply and very effective.  Ten year shelf life, and full potency for eight hours after mixing.  Always clean first for maximum results.  Follow with a treatment of AHP in mist or fog application.  No gas output and dries in ten minutes for normal activites to start.

AHP as A and B

.. $80/gal min two (A+B)

We recommend this professional ULV fogger as the best, most portable way to apply the AHP or CLo2 products.  Holds a more than gallon of product, and is easy to handle.  Easily treat large areas that other systems cannot adrquately cover.

 Has an adjustable spray nozzle.  And, this ULV fogger is a durable and professional machine that will last for years.  

For $425, we provide the professional fogger and free online training on best practices for applying AHP or CLo2 (your choice).

Treat odors, mold and mildew, infection control, and more.  Use for treats as small as a car, or as large as a gym, day care, or school.  You can cover a lot ground in short order with this professional ULV fogger.

...  $425 plus S/H

We include free online training for CLo2 or AHP with the purchase of a fogger.