Business Option

Odor removalThe good news is that AHP can be an incredibly effective service business. Quite simply, this is a service business that has a myriad of potential customers.  There is no huge investment required, and there are tons of opportunities to make life better for others.  The process is easy to apply, and is an eco-safe process.

Right now, families rely on countless chemicals to clean and sanitize their homes, gyms, schools, and office buildings.  While they are partially effective, they leave harmful residues and volatile chemical compounds (VOCs) behind.  Though a powerful sanitizing agent, chlorine dioxide leaves only water and a tiny amount of salt behind.  Caution during use is about what other cleaning products might require, so we feel the process is as safe, yet effective, as anything on the market.

Our  products are made in the U.S., proprietary, and made for these specific sanitizing challenges.  Other "general use products" work as well.  We welcome those who see the value of chlorine dioxide as a superior sanitizing idea, and may consider making a business of helping others as well.  For a small initial commitment, you could start your own professional service that includes training, certification, equipment, supplies, and marketing tools.  

This is the kind of business that is hard to fail because you have such a low investment risk to overcome.  One good job can literally pay for your whole system.  The low operational cost means that you keep 98% of the money you make.  And, there is no heavy equipment to lug about.  Everything you will need can fit into the trunk of a car.

Our system will treat used cars at any car lot, and the results are always impressive.  This product is needed for truck, trailers, emergency vehicles, and company fleets.

Property management managers will be happy to find a service that removes smoke and pet odors, gets rid of nasty odors, and sanitizes the vacant apartments after renters move out.  This service is also needed by realtors who want to sell homes with pet odors, mold and mildew, smoke smell, and worse.  AHP is simply that good.  AHP is EPA registered, eco-safe, non-toxic, and a proven process used by the military for a dozen years.

You may target gyms, workout studios, and such where odors and infections are always an issue.  Add the secondary treatment of our antimicrobial surface treatment to provide an EPA sanctioned 90 days of germ and odor inhibiting security.  

Start your AHP business for less than $2000 to get everything you need, including training and marketing support.  We have the business plan that requires no sweat equity or hard work.  If you follow our simple demostration process, you will open great doors of continuing revenue that will last for years to come.

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