How to Apply Chlorine Dioxide

If you have read through our website, you should quickly learn that there are basically two ways to apply chlorine dioxide to treat vehicles, rooms, building, gyms, etc.  The "Gas Out" process, and the fogger/sprayer method.  The gas out process is simple and cheap for the occasional user, but the fogger is our preferred method if you are doing a lot of these treatments.

We used the CHLR30 powder because of its purity and stabilized content.  We do not want the gas to easily escape so it stays with the water mixture rather than a premature departure into the air during treatment.  So, if you are using a fogger, electrostatic sprayer, or similar system; also select our CHLR99 in 30 gram powder packs.  In addition, the product stores for longer periods so there is less waste.

The CHL99 fogger is recommended for several reasons.  The durability of this system is fantastic.  Yes, it can be used for other liquid applications as well because of the adjustable nozzle, but this is adapted to effectively deliver the treatment to every kind of surface.  We feel that it is convenient enough to treat a car in 5 minute, but able to allow one man to treat a whole house in 15-20 minute, and able to handle very large areas by segmenting the job.  Still, one person with the CHLR fogger can cover a lot of ground.

We calculate that your real cost of treatment is less then a penny per square foot.  Just allow each surface to be wet by the spray so it dries in about 10 minutes or less without causing droplet streaks.  Practice with water for 15 minutes and you will see how easily this unit works.  

Ergonomically, we love it.  It holds about a gallon plus of liquid.  Carry the unit in one hand, and the hose in the other.  The design is simple, and easy to use; and that is something we all need in our equipment.  Yet, it is very compact,  Just bring a handy plastic funnel to dump out the liquid if you are applying other treatments as well.

The best application is 12-24 inches from your target.  Electrostatic sprayers are great because they claim to allow application to the hidden areas.  The CHLR fogger covers the target areas just fine.  Hidden areas are not a concern unless they are the odor source.  Just move things around, and it does hte job.  Mobility matters to me, the suitcase size and weight of the electrostatic sprayer (and the $2500 cost) doesn't suit me very well.

We have had one of these units for five years, and it still works like new.  At $395, I think this unit may not be sexy; but it is a great piece of necessary equipment.