Best Solution for Skunk Smell

Rid Skunk OdorsSkunk odor is one of the most "Clinging and Transferring Smells" you will encounter.  Once in the house, the smell will literally get into everything.  The smell somehow gets into clothes that are in the closet or drawers.  The problem is nearly impossbile to manage.  

Chorine dioxide is a very effective way to cancel skunk smell.  Professionals use this product in their fogging/spraying systems to neutralize the skunk smell quickly.  And, it is necessary to treat every area and as many hidden areas as possible.  

Do not attempts to mask the smell with fragrances until the worst of it is treated with the product.  The mixture is water-based, and it can be applied to color-fast fabrics to neutralize the skunk smell.  

Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer reacting with the skunk odor at the molecular level.  And, it is likely that treating a skunk problem may require a second and third round as the odors surface.  But, if you get an 80-90% resolution in your first pass, life get better much faster.

Skunk odor, however, will dissipate in roughly two weeks.  It has a limited time that it is at its worse.  Chlorine dioxide will speed that process up many times, so you are back to mostly normal operation in a cuple of days.

Bag clothing as soon as possible, and take them offsite to launder until the house is clear of the smell.  There is no immediate need to clean the carpet until the house is cleared, since the chlorine dioxide spray can be applied to carpet, furniture, and drapes in a fine mist that should do not harm to color-fast fabric.

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