Get Rid of Cooking Odors

While some cooking smells may not last long, they will add to the "hanging odors" when you bring in guests or try to sell your home.  Smell is a primary sense directly related to memories and emotions.  So, don't be surprised that people react differently to the same smell.

Some cookding odors like: fish, ethnic foods, garlic, and curry will leave more than a passing smell.  They will coat the walls, permeate wood, and stick to drapes and furniture.  These smells will not leave, so you have a few choices:

1- Cleaning:  Good idea, but never enough.  Washing walls, cleaning carpet and furniture, and scrubbing cabinets and wood surface will not clear out cooking odors.

2- Masking fragrances:  Even resorting to incense, plugins, spray cans, or sachets are no help.  Their purpose is to hide (mask) odors by presenting a more prominent smell.  People still pickup on odd smells, and they can be discribed as confused smells.

3- Odor Removal:  Using an ozone generator or chlorine dioxide will go to where the odor source lives, and destroy it.  These ideas do not mask odors.  They react with the odor source to neutralize them so they will not return.

Neutralizing an odor is a unique concept.  Only two well-known solutions are easily available to regualr people.  You can buy an ozone generator and treat the home until the odor is permanently clear, or you can use the "Gas Out" method with our CHLR99 tablets.

Set out one bowl of water per room, and place a 20 gram CHLR99 tablet in the water.  Leave the are during the process.  The chlorine dioxide gas slowly leaves the water to peremate the room where it treat odors at the source.  This process can take 8-12 hours, and the rooms or building must be vacated during the treatment.

If you use the CHLR99 Turbulator, the gas will leave the water in about 1-2 hours.  Ventilate the room(s) when you re-enter.  

If you feel that there is still some odor left, then repeat the process again.