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Activated Hydrogen Peroxide Compared

Comparing chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide would be like comparing brothers.  Both are talented and capable, but each have their strengths.  In the end, the obvious superior product is Activated Hydrogen Peroxide.  Chlorine dioxide is cheaper to buy, but activated hydrogen peroxide solves more problems and does so without any negative consequences.

Why Chlorine Dioxide is Better than Bleach

Chlorine Dioxide has a higher oxidation capacity, and a lower oxidation strength than most species of chlorine, making it at least 2.6 times more powerful per ppm according to World Health Organization CT values.  The pH of the water dilutes bleach's power to solve problems.  And, chlorine dioxide does not bond with organic matter to form hazardous by-products in the process.

Best Solution for Skunk Smell

Rid Skunk OdorsSkunk odor is one of the most "Clinging and Transferring Smells" you will encounter.  Once in the house, the smell will literally get into everything.  The smell somehow gets into clothes that are in the closet or drawers.  The problem is nearly impossbile to manage.  

Big News about Chlorine Dioxide

The many applications of Chlorine Dioxide are substantial.  Chlorine dioxide can neutralize most pathogens, and it does in in just seconds or minutes after application.  Instead of strong, dangerous chemicals; chlorine dioxide leaves not dangerous residue and does no harm to the environment.

Get Rid of Cooking Odors

While some cooking smells may not last long, they will add to the "hanging odors" when you bring in guests or try to sell your home.  Smell is a primary sense directly related to memories and emotions.  So, don't be surprised that people react differently to the same smell.

Activated or Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

Activated chlorine dioxide is the typical version of chlorine dioxide, which is a gas generally mixed in water as a delivery system.  Once mixed, the mixture is set out in bowls allowing the gas to slowly escape.  Because chlorine dioxide is readily soluble in water, simplicity makes it use much more convenient and effective as an environmental treatment.  We can only imagine try to carry around tanks of gas for the job.

How to Apply Chlorine Dioxide

The CHL99 fogger is recommended for several reasons.  The durability of this system is fantastic.  Yes, it can be used for other liquid applications as well because of the adjustable nozzle, but this is adapted to effectively deliver the treatment to every kind of surface.  We feel that it is convenient enough to treat a car in 5 minute, but able to allow one man to treat a whole house in 15-20 minute, and able to handle very large areas by segmenting the job.  Still, one person with the CHLR fogger can cover a lot of ground.

Treating Pet Odors in Concrete

One of the most difficult odor challenges is trying to get pet urine odor out of concrete.  This is a common complaint because people put there pets in the garage, basement, or porch area while they are away.  Most treatments will only be marginally effective because the urine actually gets into the concrete and bonds to the material.