Aqueous Ozone or CLo2

Chlorine Dioxide vs ozoneWe full credit for aqueous ozone as a powerful concept in sanitizing and cleaning, the problem has always been the complexity of a mobile system to apply liquid ozone as needed.  Other than equipment cost, aqueous ozone requires a water supply and power supply.  Add in the spray hose, and you are fighting an uphill battle to get the job done.

Aqueous ozone is highly effective, but hard to provide ON THE SPOT as needed.

Chlorine dioxide is not generated by equipment on demand.  It comes in a concentrated foil-wrapped package that allows a quick mix of two to three gallons at a time.  Unlike aqueous ozone that cannot be stored, our stabilized product can be stored for more than a year without losing it potency.

Instead of a costly aqueous ozone machine with three connections, we use a commercial grade ULV fogger or electrostatic sprayer for optimum results.  In fact, the preferred ULV fogger allows one person to treat a large gym, all equipment, and bathrooms in about an hour or two.  

Chlorine dioxide and aqueous ozone are both oxidizers, and the gas produced is a respiratory irritant, so protect gear is necessary for the applicators.  CHRL99 fogging will allow the solution to dry in about ten minutes, and leaves a pool chlorine smell behind.  Ventilate with fresh air after the treatment.

Chlorine dioxide is very effective for treating odors (including smoke odors) and it kills mold and mildew.  CHLR99 is a very powerful sanitizing agent, and there is even a second treatment using an approved antimicrobial surface treatment; will inhibit mold and germs for 90 days or more.