Activated Hydrogen Peroxide Compared

Activated Hydrogen PeroxideTake note that not all activated hydrogen peroxide found on the Internet are the same.  Most products are "stabilized" so they can be bottled and put on the shelf until the consumer buys and uses the product.  Stabilizing requires additives to make it less powerful and means chemical residue.

AHP is not a stabilized product.  It comes in two bottles (Part A and Part B) for a very important reason.  When blended 50/50, it is one of the most powerful decontamination products anywhere.  This same process is used by the military, research labs, and for dangerous disease outbreak sanitation.  You see, gun powder will fizzle if it gets wet (stabilized), but will explode if dry.  AHP is extremely safe and non-toxic when stored.  It is safe and non-toxic when mixed, but during the activation period (eight hours), this liquid product can be applied to the worst kind of environmental threats for immediate and complete results.

  - Sanitizers do one thing .... kill germs
  - Deodorizers can do one thing  ... neutralize, modify, or mask odors

  - Mold killing product can do one thing ... kill mold
  - Chemical neutralizers do one thing ... dilute, modify, or neutralize chemicals

AHP does all the above better than most single application products, and this is why AHP is best described as a "Decontamination" product.  It is truly an All-in-One product that eliminates the need and cost of multiple less-effect, worse-polluting, and more-costly products on the shelf right now.  Though AHP costs more than single application product, when you add up the cost of these products (and consider their hazardous ingredients), the price of AHP is a good deal.

AHP sells for $80/gal.  AHP requires a system to apply the solution in a mist form to all problem areas.